Row of cotton in burnt sienna shade hanging to dry

Behind the Seams of Slow Fashion: The Cherrada Dress in Burnt Sienna

Combining rustic beauty and delicate elegance, the Cherrada Dress in Burnt Sienna is as timeless as it is beautiful. Created using natural dye, sustainable cotton and ethical, slow fashion production methods, the result is a stunning yet versatile dress you can feel great about wearing.

The Slow Fashion Journey

Harvesting sustainable cotton

Sustainable Cotton

The journey for this dress begins at the Tohsang Cotton Village in Eastern Thailand - an ethical and sustainable cotton producer comprised of local artisans from the surrounding Khongchiam communities.

In an effort to reduce water consumption, the Tohsang Cotton Village grows the cotton naturally along the banks of the Mekong River - this is performed without irrigation methods, meaning the crop is only watered when the river rises during rainfall.

According to the Water Footprint Network:

'The global average water footprint of cotton fabric is 10,000 litre per kilogram.'

By using these natural methods, Tohsang Cotton Village's water footprint is near zero, which benefits both the surrounding environment and the communities living downstream.

The process is also free of any nasty chemicals, so not only can the farmers, river wildlife and surrounding communities reap the benefits of a healthy, pesticide-free environment, you can feel happy in the knowledge that you are wearing something gentle next to your skin.

Once the natural cotton fibre is harvested, it is dried, the cotton seeds are separated from the cotton, and then spun into yarn ready for hand dyeing and weaving. 

Woman sitting on the floor in a large space, separating the seeds from a large amount of cotton

The Natural Dyeing Process

A local artisan, Tien, creates the natural dye by using bark from the locally-grown Velvet Tamarind tree. Utilising ancient methods, he soaks and infuses the cotton to create the earthy tones that we see in the Burnt Sienna shade.

Once the dyeing process is complete, the cotton is ready for weaving.

Close up of hands squeezing yarn through water as part of the natural dyeing process

Weaving it all Together

Prairie, the manager of Tohsang Cotton Village, uses the profits from the fabric production to outsource the task of hand weaving to local artisans in the community - mostly women who own a traditional loom at home, who are then able to earn additional income for their homes and families doing something that they love.

lose up of hand holding out two spools of Burnt Sienna dyed yarn spools

Why We Love Working This Way

Ethical, Slow Fashion

Partnering with The Tohsang Cotton Village is incredibly satisfying, as both our values and beliefs on the production of slow fashion are very much aligned. By promoting the skills of local artisans they are not only keeping local traditions alive, but also empowering skilled workers to earn a living doing something they love - two elements that are hugely important when it comes to the success of small communities.

Unique Shades and Textures

One thing we love about hand weaving with naturally dyed cotton is the subtle differences that occur in the colour and texture: the quality never waivers, but the variances add depth and character, enriching each dress with a uniqueness only found in this type of clothing production.

How to Wear

Natural dyed, sustainable cotton, ethical Cherrada Dress in Burnt Sienna 

With a v-neckline at the front, open back detailing, and knotted shoulder straps, the Cherrada Dress lends itself well to many different occasions: keep it casual with strappy summer wedges, or pop on a pair of heels to dress it up for an evening do. For those chilly winter nights, why not layer up with a chunky knit and ankle boots?

Model wearing Cherrada Dress in Burnt Sienna with Knitted sweater and boots

However you want to wear the Cherrada, this dress is made to impress!

We would love to see how you wear yours, please get in touch below or tag us on Instagram or Facebook with your pictures.

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