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A boutique slow fashion brand promoting handmade clothes and accessories by artisans using natural, sustainable materials.

Creating silk fabric for Rare & Fair handmade clothing

From the hands of artisans directly to you

Our handloomed, natural clothing and handmade products support artisan communities and handloom weavers. We merge our artisans' unique slow fashion creations with modern designs, so you can look great, while doing good!

meet the makers

Slow Fashion Edit

Mar 30, 2021

The 10 Best Sustainable Luxury Fashion Brands for 2021

Maxime Ducker

Love luxury fashion? Care about sustainability? The year’s best eco-luxe labels in one place + tips to make the most of your purchasing power!

Mar 28, 2021

FolkCharm's Natural Organic Cotton

Usa Romeo

Is all organic cotton created equal? We take a closer look at what makes FolkCharm Crafts natural organic cotton so special!

Feb 16, 2021

Silk's Sustainability Under Scrutiny

Rosalyn Bowen

Silk is often referred to as an unsustainable or unethical fabric. However, silk is produced in many different ways, each with varying degrees of ethical and sustainable credentials. In this article we explain a bit more about where silk comes from, the different production methods involved and shed some light on the scrutiny surrounding its ethical and sustainable practices. 

Dec 4, 2020

Behind the Seams of Slow Fashion: The Ikat Silk Chermarn Mini Dress

Rosalyn Bowen

Using handwoven Ikat silk, the Chermarn mini dress incorporates an intricate rose design with fabric of the highest quality. Ethically made using locally-grown silk and traditional Ikat dye methods, learn the creation journey here, from first seed to final weave! 

Nov 15, 2020

Fast Vs Slow Fashion: Can Fast Fashion Ever Be Slowed Down?

Rosalyn Bowen

What is the difference between fast fashion and slow fashion? Ethical treatment of workers? Sustainable materials? Waste? In this post we look at the impact of fast fashion, and discuss if it will ever be able to slow down.

Oct 26, 2020

Behind the Seams of Slow Fashion: The Cherrada Dress in Burnt Sienna

Rosalyn Bowen

The Cherrada Dress in Burnt Sienna is as timeless as it is beautiful, handmade using natural dye, sustainable cotton and ethical production methods, the result is a stunning yet versatile dress you can feel great about wearing.
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